Role of the Elder:

Elders are accountable for the spiritual life of the church family. They are the prayer warriors and peacemakers. Responsibilities of the Elders include Pastoral Care, Membership, Bible Study Groups, Missional Projects & Visitation. 

Jim Sandin  - Head Elder

Greg Chan

Don Froese

Cheryl Ruggles

Sheila Pateman

Role of the Deacon:

Deacons are accountable for the functional life of the church family in accordance with the mission of the church. the Greek word (diakonos) translated 'deacon' means servant - The role of the deacon is more task and function oriented. Responsibilities of the Deacons are separated into commissions/areas which they oversee. 


Richard Schmidt - Finance

Craig Pateman  - Youth

Brad Keith - Vice Chair, Family Ministries, Social

Gerrie Krijger - Missions 

Robert Edwards- Property  

Ministry Leaders

Cheryl Ruggles - Library Coordinator
Kayleen Sandin & Jessica Pateman - Nursery Coordinators
Kathleen McKelvie - Church Clerk
Cheryl Ruggles - Receipting Clerk